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The shared webspace hosting retailers indeed vary from one another. Regardless of having been in the web site hosting market for years, not many website hosting package vendors ensure multiple datacenter facility options for their valued customers. Regardless of its tiny size, 'SorBose, Inc.' provides FOUR impressive server farm locations: the United States, the UK, Sweden and Australia. You can purchase domain registration-only user accounts or Linux hosting packages in each of the above-described facilities.

Plan Details Hosting
Price Per Month
Web Hosting Space Unlimited
Website Traffic Unlimited
Max CPU Usage 5%
Dedicated RAM N/A
MySQL 5 DBs 20
Hosted Hostnames 5
FTP Accounts Unlimited
Mail Addresses 500
Root Access
Shell Access (SSH) Optional
Single-click Web Apps Installer 2
Hepsia Control Panel
cPanel Control Panel

Max CPU Usage 1 - The CPU resource allotment depends on the given Virtual Private Server web hosting plan.

Single-click Web Apps Installer 2 - Getatable exclusively with the Hepsia Control Panel.